REVIEW: Forever and Ever, Amen by Liv Rancourt

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Forever and Ever, AmenForever and Ever, Amen by Liv Rancourt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Three trials. Three chances for Molly Spencer to save her soul or lose it and suffer eternal damnation.

A shocking consequence after a brief happy hour with her best friend, Samantha. Unfortunately, like everything else in her life, Molly has to fight this battle alone. Well, she does get a little help from the sexy guardian angel assigned to her case, Cassian O’Grady.

Molly has reconciled herself to a job she endures to provide a life for herself and two teenage children. Returning to her cheating ex-husband isn’t an option and making ends meet doesn’t give her the time to consider her own dreams. Molly presents as a sympathetic character with normal everyday problems and struggles. Loyal, friendly, and clever, she is someone easy to relate to as a good friend, loving mother, and a woman in control of her life. An illusion perhaps. One she holds until Lord Zepar targets her soul. Now only her wits, her angel, and painful introspection have a chance of keeping her safe and sane.

FOREVER AND EVER, AMEN, Amen is a fast-paced paranormal story with a sweet romantic backdrop. I won’t go into plot details in order to leave the mystery a fun one for readers. However, nothing is quite what it seems with details woven seamlessly into this story. The addition of a vampire boyfriend for Molly’s daughter was a surprise in the mix of the eternal angel and demon struggle for souls, but it adds a parallel plotline that is entertaining and echoes the theme of the story. Every character adds conflict and layers to the tale. The sign of a skilled storyteller.

What I liked: The characters, the pace, the mythos, and the resolution for Molly. I loved Cass. I loved hating Zepar and Molly’s ex-husband. I enjoyed that everything isn’t wrapped with a neat bow at the end, but there is resolution for everyone.

What I didn’t like: That it wasn’t longer. Don’t misunderstand me, this was a wonderful read. I just didn’t want it to end.

So final check:

Fantasy – Yes, well developed with just enough taste of demons and angelic host to tantalize the senses

Great characters – Yes. Molly is a wonderful mix of the girl-next-door all grown up with real adult problems and a warm generous heart. Cass makes us all yearn for a guardian to help us through our tough times and we struggle with his choices as well. In the end, I was glad to see that Molly wasn’t the only one to get what she desperately needed!

Sweet romance – Yes. Tender and wonderful

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