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Destiny’s Mark Tour

Monday launches the tour of my latest book in the Guardians of Eden Series, DESTINY’S MARK. I was thrilled to finish Tsu’s story and I hope reader and reviewers will like him as well. If you wish to follow along

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2012: Tied up in Names

Okay, I’m a little late on the welcome to the new year thing. But since I do my review of year and goal setting in December, I was already moving on by January 3rd.  All my focus is on moving

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Indie Ebook Celebration until Dec 31st!

            The Women’s Literary Cafe is show hosting indie ebooks with great bargains. Check it out until December 31st at  

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YAs writing Young Adult, Hail the Artist, & ROW 80

And here’s a shameless plug which has less to do with me than for kudos for a wonderful new artist. Virginia Greene had agreed to do several panels for my urban fantasy romance, Guardians of Eden books. These panels are

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Short Story publishing and Amazon Fire

This is primarily a writer posting. I’ve run across a few things I think are worth highlighting for fellow writers, though the last item is for readers as well. First I have a small segue so please bear with me.

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Indie Publication for Best Selling authors

Perhaps I should have phrased this as “bestselling authors who have decided to self-publish their backlists.” Not as sensational, but just as relevant. Turmoil churns in major writer’s organizations between those who feel self-published authors and the lack the professionalism

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RomCon 2013 Reader Award Winner!

RomCon 2013 Reader Award Winner!

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